January 19, 2020   7:30pm

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Bruce Talks: Get over yelling, drinking and indulging – here’s a much healthier way to relieve stress. . . .

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Acupuncture and Body Balance
The true nature of the body is to heal and move towards balance.  For 3,500 years, acupuncture and its emphasis on body/mind integration have helped millions of people slow down, breathe, heal, and get back in touch.  In our society where the emphasis is on human “doing” instead of human “being,” we all need to do as much as we can to stay emotionally, physically and spiritually healthy.  Otherwise we fall into disease. Acupuncture is a solution.

Over the last 24 months, more of my patients have complained, “I’m completely stressed out,” than I’ve heard for the past 10 years.  Add it up — between computer, cell phone, email, Blackberry, and fax, all working while you’re having an espresso at Starbucks, there’s no time to stop.  This is where acupuncture can be a tremendous help, providing even the most stressed-out person with the ability to relax.  The reason? One treatment helps to produce endorphins (the boost you get when you run) and serotonin (a natural anti-depressant).  Getting off my table, patients may describe their feelings instantly as being in a “zone” or some meditative state; others may not feel the full impact until 12 hours later. That feeling can last up to a week.

Contact Bruce via bruce@snoety.com.  If you’re a snoety subscriber, Bruce will give you 20% off your first treatment.

Note from Harriett: I first learned about acupuncture when an extended bout with stress resulted in a shooting pain between the wings of my back, partially immobilizing me.  After trying pain relieving drugs and massage for weeks, one intense acupuncture treatment got rid of it. Now I do acupuncture on a frequent basis as a preventative.


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