March 05, 2021   9:24am

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Get that fire extinguisher. Now!

It’s sad but ironic that just prior to the west coast fires, snoety got this “something I wish I had learned sooner” from a San Diego subscriber (not that this advice would have helped in that situation):

“It took a fire in my living room ( a floor light behind my couch caught the back of the couch on fire) to make me go out and buy fire extinguishers for every level of the house and LEARN HOW TO USE THEM. I know first-hand how panicky you feel when faced with that situation and learned the hard way that there’s no substitute for a fire extinguisher. (The blanket I threw on it went up like tissue paper, and we couldn’t get enough water on the fire fast enough.) It’s one of those things that’s easy to put off buying; but you never know when you’re going to need it!

Note from snoety: A fire extinguisher is inexpensive, and you can pick one up at most local hardware stores. Or you can purchase one now from by clicking here and choosing from the many they offer.

NOTE from snoety: We bought the Kidde Safety 21005753 fire extinguisher for the following reasons: It has a pressure gauge so you can see what you’ve got; it has a 10 BC rating which we understand is what you need for kitchens; and it seems to be good for grease or electrical fires. However, we’ve never used it (and hope we never have to) so can’t recommend it based on personal experience.

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