January 19, 2020   7:34pm

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Stefanie Talks: Broths, grains & gluten-free

  • Bouillon is a better option than packaged broths. When cooking with packaged broths, the food assumes the flavor of the broth. When cooking with bouillon, the broth assumes the flavor of the food – much tastier!
  • There are so many alternative grain pastas on the market…in my opinion, by far the best brand is TINKYADA.
  • Quinoa, an ancient Aztec grain, has the most complete nutrient profile of all of the grains … it is the healthiest way you can go when choosing a grain to eat!
  • Try cooking rice in coconut milk or broth instead of water. Even try using juice. One cup of rice to 1-1/2 cup of liquid (though if using brown rice, use 2 cups of liquid).
  • When looking for gluten free foods check out Pamela’s brand when it comes to sweet treats like pancakes, brownies and cookies. Top notch!!!
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