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Tips for your doctor’s visit from the WSJ

A sidebar in a Wall Street Journal article, Oct 31, 2007, Personal Journal, page D1,”Making the Most of Doctor Visits”:

Pinched for Time

Some tips for getting the most of your doctor’s visit:

  • Write down questions/issues for the doctor beforehand, in order of priority
  • If it’s a diagnostic visit, prepare a detailed description of the symptoms
  • Bring a list of content medications and dosages
  • Ask for decision-support aids, and print or reliable web-based infromation about conditions and treatments
  • Make sure before the visit that the doctor has received test results/reports from other labs or doctors
  • If you’re unsure whether you can effectively interact with the doctor, bring a family member or friend
  • Take notes and/or ask the doctor if you can record the session for later review (note from snoety: with all the litigation around I’d be surprised if NY doctors would allow the last, but I could be wrong)
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