June 06, 2020   2:55am

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Mario Talks: Hair that works after the workout

With the holidays here, it’s even more important to get in that workout. But what to do with your hair given all the time constraints? Here are some quick hair tips for getting your workout in, recovering quickly, and looking fabulous afterward …

Prior to the workout baby powder should be dusted onto a flat or round brush; run the brush through the hair. The talcum will soak up hair oils and perspiration as you exercise. If you have bangs, a cotton headband is a great accessory to use — it absorbs any sweat along the hairline, keeping bangs from getting limp and greasy. Long hair should be put into a high ponytail to keep hair off the neck and back.

If you shower a hair serum should be applied to the entire head of hair and brushed through. This will help you avoid frizz and create a sleek look. Blow dry the front of the face very sleek and rough; quick dry the back of the hair to fasten the hair up in a nice ponytail.

If you don’t have time to shower, apply the baby powder again to a flat or round brush and comb through the hair using a blow dryer on a cold setting to remove any excess powder and create a nice full look again. You’ll hair will look great!

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