March 05, 2021   10:47am

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Francine Talks: Our holidays and your In-Laws:

Here are some how-to-get-along tips …

If they’re staying with you for the holidays, do everyone a favor and don’t be an omnipresent, perfectionistic hostess. This makes everyone nervous and adds to the stress level.
Remember how you feel when you’re a guest at someone’s home — all you want is a few minutes alone to be yourself and think your own thoughts. Believe it or not, as much as they adore your family, your in-laws need this time and space, too.

Invariably, one of your in-laws will say at least one irritating thing during the holidays. Anticipate the subjects — the implication that you eat too much, eat too little, are too lenient/generous/stingy with the kids. You know what they are because you’ve heard them many times before. So anticipate ahead of time and have a smile and a deflective answer ready, the shorter the better. Then change the subject.

Have a lovely family holiday!

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