July 09, 2020   1:45pm

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Ed Talks: Home Tips for Winter

Prepare for winter by checking and stocking up on the following important home and apartment related issues and items.

If you pay attention to this now, you’ll probably save a lot of time, aggravation and money down the road. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Check your gutters and drains and clean them out. This can cause ice-damming if the gutters and drains are stopped-up. (Ice-damming is where water seeks its highest level whether it is liquid or solid.)

Check windows and doors for air leaks and close them up by either caulking or taping the edges, applying plastic or plexiglas sheets over
the whole window or buying storm windows or best of all to purchase double-pane thermal-break replacement windows.

Have your furnace or boiler checked out for efficiency and safety. Also make sure your chimneys and flues are pulling air and venting safely and if not, bring in a professional as carbon monoxide is very dangerous.

Think “green” with all your home replacement items such as lighting, insulation, toys, games, appliances and heating devices.

The above check-list could be much longer. If you need help don’t hesitate to contact me for more tips.

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