October 15, 2019   2:47am

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The Band’s Visit

Can see why the “little” movie — The Band’s Visit — is getting such good reviews. It’s about an Egyptian police band that gets stranded in a totally out-of-the-way, somewhat desolate Israeli town, and it’s very funny, poignant, thoughtful, and, even, surprising …

A subtle plea for cultural understanding, the film is not so much about language but rather about its inadequacies, said Scott Foundas in the LA Weekly. In The New Yorker Anthony Lane says, you walk out of the theater feeling “you have witnessed a small victory of wisdom over indifference and ennui.” And with all the big budget Hollywood movies, it’s a great reminder of how something quiet and small can have a clean emotional impact.

Go see it …


PS:  You’ll probably find it at your town’s “arts” movie theatre.

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