July 09, 2020   2:40pm

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Are the iPhone and iPod Toxic?

Here’s a shocker. Are the iPhone and iPod toxic? That’s what’s reported in the March 2008 edition of Condé Nast Portfolio magazine, where Apple is listed among “the Toxic Ten” by Harry Hurt III. Here are some highlights:

“Apple pledged to finish phasing out toxins such as polyvinyl chlorides and brominated flame retardants from its products this year, but the iPhone, unveiled after that promise was made, contained both types of chemical, according to tests by an environmental group, which many major cell-phone makers have eliminated from their handsets.”

“Significant amounts of phthalate, a toxin thought to cause birth defects, have been found in the iPhone and iPod headphone cords.”

” WHAT THE COMPANY SAYS: Apple says it plans to eliminate PVCs and brominated flame retardants by the end of 2008. It has no comment on the phthalate issue.

NOTE from Harriett: I’ve never heard this before and haven’t spent time digging into this story. Does anyone out there know anything more about this.

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