January 18, 2020   11:07am

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Let’s change the “wife on the podium” rule!

One last word (well a few words) on being “the wife” in the midst of the scandal …

Women of the world unite! It’s NOT her disgrace, and she shouldn’t make it so. Can we just make it a rule that “the wife” should NEVER stand by her guy at the podium in front of the mikes.

Trust me, gentlemen, it doesn’t help your cause. So, for all you genius crisis consultants out there (I’m sure you’re the ones who started this “tradition”), KEEP THE WIFE OFF the stage.

Ladies, can’t we start a movement on this issue, paleeeeeeeze!


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lisa says: April 8th, 2008 at 12:53 pm

Is it too late to respond to this? (have been w/out computer and am catching up on my SNOETY reading) I think these podium wives should really think about what they are teaching their children, ie- no matter the behavior, stand next to your man and hold your head high. I think it is a disgrace to motherhood. Mother’s should teach limits, accountability and consequences. These podium wives are putting on brave faces instead of holding their wandering spouses accountable, therefore teaching their children to tolerate intolerable behavior.

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