October 16, 2019   1:02pm

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A Computer Crash Nightmare could happen to YOU!

Read this NOW and avoid a phone/PDA/computer nightmare later …

This has been one of those pull-your-hair-out-weeks for two reasons:

1) My PDA/phone got sick so I switched models but hadn’t done a recent synch update;
2) My computer crashed, and my backup wasn’t totally up-to-date.

I mention these to you because (along with feeling really good to get this off my chest), YOU should NEVER be in this position. That’s why I’ve re-posted the “Avoid the Computer Crash Crazies” article on the snoety home page. Read it and DO IT!

Someday, you’re going to really thank me for this,


PS: Find out who holds your computer (and other digital warranties). Turns out those warranties might get passed on to other companies, so be sure to file receipts, policy and product serial numbers where you can easily find them.

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