March 05, 2021   10:17am

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This Business with the Dollar

How strong should the dollar be?

I’m going overseas shortly so I’ve been focused on what is used to cost (a major bargain!) and how crazily expensive it can be right now. That made me start thinking about how little I really understood about what was going on with the dollar. When I saw this article in Time, “Double Talking the Dollar,”* it seemed meant for me, so I’m sharing it with you.

My upcoming sojourn also impacted a couple of articles now posted on snoety. Because I’m going on a trek (can you believe it), I started focusing on getting more aerobically fit > thus the exploration of ellipticals. And, when our travel expert Susan said she wanted to write a group of posts on the shrinking dollar and travel … well, that couldn’t have been more timely.

Hope you’ll find these topics relevant as well.



Time, The Curious Capitalist, “Double-Talking the Dollar, by Justin Fox, pg 30, May 5, 2008

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