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Get Rid of Junk Mail

Want to get rid of that junk mail? Here’s how to do it …

There’s nothing like that first gasp at the mailbox after a long trip. What a reminder for snoety to publish: “The Internet … how to stop spam and junk mail” from The Week magazine.* Here are the sites The Week offers up to solve the problem:

DMAconsumers.org, the Direct Marketing Association’s site, provides consumers with an “opt-out offer.” Pay $1 to have your name removed from mailing, telemarketing, and e-mail lists. The association also provides helpful hints to protect you from identity theft.

Optoutprescreen.com exists to “stop the credit-card-offer madness.” Once you sign up on the site, you can choose to “stop receiving all those offers permanently or for five years at a time.”

Catalogchoice.org offers a free service to help you “cut off the catalogues” for good. Simply click and select which ones you no longer want — rather than having to call each company to cancel.
Source: Parents


*The Week, Leisure section, February 15, 2008, pg 34

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