November 19, 2019   5:36pm

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Re: Tim Russert — one question (OK-two)

Yes I was a fan of Tim Russert’s, but I just have one question (OK – two)…

As it would seem the rest of the world did, I adored Tim Russert (even though I thought his handling of Hillary was not Russert-like). And, upon hearing the news I, too, was in disbelief quickly followed by a feeling of real loss. But, here’s my question … is he the only person-in-power in the broadcast media world that was thoughtful, loving, genuine, and giving? I can’t believe that. But by his own industry’s reaction, you’d certainly think so.

If that’s the case, I suppose the silver lining is that there are a lot of media pros thinking about their own obituaries these days. Think any one of them will actually do something to change … or make change?

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