March 05, 2021   10:27am

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Biden as VP & Carrie@the Convention

Of Obama’s choice of Biden … about the Democratic Convention thus far …?
Here’s one woman’s thoughts as she blogs from the Convention …

Carrie Tuhy (who has been an editor with Time, Inc., Life, InStyle and Real Simple) provides thoughts from Denver:

“You Don’t Have to Be President to Have Power”:
“I wondered what it took for this brilliant, driven woman to pledge her support to John F. Kennedy, a man she felt was not the best person for the job. She had wanted Adlai Stevenson. This was a woman, after all, whose husband had been elected president four times and, had things been different, many believed she may have been the first female chief executive of the United States.”

“We make our own history,” she said. “It is more intelligent to hope than not to hope, to try rather than not to try. Nothing is achieved by the person who says it can’t be done.”

“The most powerful woman in America knew that you don’t have to be president to bring about change you believe in.”

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