July 09, 2020   1:41pm

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Do the fashion magazines “get it”?

Do the fashion magazines “get it,” and what are they saying about hemlines?

I sometimes wonder if the fashion magazines are actually clueless or just act clueless about what some of us are thinking. Recognizing that these publications need strong readership and obviously have to hype the industry they emote about, I still get completely pissed off when they put celebrities on the covers who are examples of what we don’t want our kids to be — drugged out, anorexic or otherwise impaired.

But … I digress. As the recession looms, I was wondering how the fashion editors and designers were going to deal with our economic downturn — particularly as all things European seem priced completely out of orbit.

As I began to do a little “research” with the September issues, this article in Slate* saved me the trouble. It outlines in brief where hemlines are going (Wall Street’s always watching); how some of our fashion bibles are completely unrealistic (maybe fantasy is what we subliminally want?); and how others at least take a jab at helping direct us to this season’s trends without the astronomical price tag. (Does reality sell?)

If interested, read Slate, “Skirting the Issues“.

How do you feel about what the fashion publications are showing us?  Tell us by writing in the comment box below …


Slate, “Skirting the issues” by lauren sandler, posted August 20

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