October 16, 2019   1:04pm

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Getting up in the morning …

Getting up in the morning seems so different now.

I do the same things as before … grab a robe, trudge into the kitchen, get my apple and my coffee, pick up The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal at the doorway. Then something magical happens. I’m no longer annoyed at the thought of reading the paper. The gloomy little cloud has vanished. It’s been replaced with a feeling of — is “relief” the right word? (“Hope” seems a little overplayed about now.)

It’s the same with Television.  As NY1 plays in the background while I dress for the day, the cringe factor is gone.

Yes, the news continues. Litanies of disaster remain in the headlines. But … Unfamiliar names are appearing. Eventually some role models may emerge from this group.  Even a hero or two.

There might be redefinitions of questions we never thought to ask. There could be breakthroughs or at least openings in previously hopeless hot spots. A fresh group of relevant issues could come to life.

Solutions are possible again.

It just feels so good.

Good morning,


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