August 09, 2020   2:11pm

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Be among the first to see a Sundance Film Winner!

A first time filmmaker makes a startling movie that showcases the miracle one determined woman can accomplish.  Here’s a film that will frustrate and anger you while it makes you laugh and cry (through Thursday Nov 27th). 

“Pray the Devil Back to Hell” NOW PLAYING at New York City’s Cinema Village!

“Uplifting, disheartening, inspiring, enraging – the mind reels while watching the documentary ‘Pray the Devil Back to Hell’.” – New York Times

“A marvelous documentary.” – LA Times

“Relates a powerful story with intelligence, concision and a minimum of distracting stylistic flourishes.” – Frank Scheck / Hollywood Reporter

“The heroism on view in the documentary “Pray the Devil Back to Hell” is breathtaking.” – Peter Rainer / Christian Science Monitor

“Passionate.” – Bob Mondello / NPR

There are daily screenings at Cinema Village, 22 East 12th Street through Thursday, November 27th


For more information about viewing visit the theatrical website

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