January 18, 2020   12:18pm

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Have a great complexion (or at least look like it)!

People are always complimenting me on my beautiful skin. Wish it were so!


The truth is I use a great product under my makeup that covers my blotchy red areas and (yuk) age spots, and it makes my skin tone look beautifully smooth. It’s called “red neutralizer,” and I’ve never seen it anywhere but at Diane Young Anti-Aging Salon in NYC on 57th Street. You can buy it from Diane’s website, dianeyoung.com, and, honestly, I always get a few at a time — one for the office, one at home and one for my travel kit (so I don’t forget it). I love the stuff.

PS: No, I am not being paid in any way to hype this product (or the service recommended below)!

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