January 18, 2020   12:13pm

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Hat Hair? A Cashmere Solution


For years I’ve failed to find a hat that would NOT: 1) squish my hair; 2) abandon my ears; 3) make me look ridiculous; or 4) be easily left behind. And, then … finally … a solution reared it’s head (so to speak). And it wasn’t a hat at all, but a cozy cashmere “hood.”

Egged on by a friend, I wandered into a charming boutique in Soho and discovered a rainbow of colorful cashmere accessories — fingerless gloves, arm warmers, scarves, wraps, baby hats — and the aforementioned hoods named appropriately: “Grace” (a la elegant Grace Kelley) and the hand-knitted “Wendy” (a la casual Peter Pan), $100 & $135. An additional plus, they’re just the thing for low temp airline cabins when you’d give all for a warmer neck. (The black one’s perfect for my husband.)

The Shop:
Meg Cohen Design, 59 Thompson Street (between Spring & Broome in Soho)

To Order:
email: megcohendesign@aol.com or call: 1-212-966-3733

PS: Tell her snoety.com sent you!

Finding that useful, necessary item — with a little added luxury — makes you feel really good.

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