March 05, 2021   9:22am

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The Grandaisy Bakery deserves the word “grand”

grandaisy_ss.jpg I’m always watching my calories, so when it comes to bread, I pick at the crusts rather than eat the inside stuff (yeah, I know). But, recently my willpower failed me when we went to dinner at our friends, Ed and Mary-Jean’s. There was a basket of these delectable bread goodies that, literally, were impossible to put down. Mary-Jean told me she treks to The Sullivan Street Bakery in Soho to get these wonders, so I was ever so pleasantly surprised when my husband walked in the door with a “Grandaisy Bakery” bag and announced that it’s the same thing and right in my neighborhood on the upper west side. (Turns out the owner of The Sullivan Street bakery’s Soho branch and the Grandaisy are the same, with the Soho branch also changing it’s name to Grandaisy.)

Now I don’t know whether to be thrilled or terrified at the prospect of having something so good so close to home. This is unquestionably the best bread I’ve ever had in New York (or anywhere for that matter)!

PS: The pictures on their website don’t do the bread justice …

The Grandaisy Bakery
73 Sullivan Street (between Spring and Broome), NY 10012
176 West 72nd Street (close to the corner of Broadway), NY 10023
phone: 212-334-9435

7 AM to 7 PM 7 Days a week

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