July 12, 2020   8:46am

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Alphabet Pancakes & Snow Ice Cream. Yum!

pancakeface_m.jpgWhen you’re locked in by the weather, and you’ve got kids (or adults who act like kids) to entertain, do what my mom did. Make pancakes that are names or initials or animals or flowers and/or (weather permitting) create your very own snow ice cream. Here’s how:Alphabet or Animal or Flower Pancakes

Use any pancake mix or your favorite batter recipe — fill a baster with the batter for writing/drawing — and outline the initials or spell a name with the pancake batter on a hot pan. If you’re a real whiz with the baster, make a snowman or animal (bears are easy to do) or a flower. Use berries or clementines for eyes, noses, mouths, petals. Everyone will swear they’re the best pancakes they ever tasted (within reason of course)!

Snow Ice Cream

Put vanilla and sugar out on the counter with spoons. Get a bowl and take an excursion into the snow. Dig out the extra clean “under” snow and put into the bowl. Run back into the house. Add vanilla and sugar to taste. Eat right away with a spoon because it melts very quickly. Yum.

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