November 14, 2019   6:36pm

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Secret’s Service – Best caffeinated pick-me-ups in Soho

Since my office is in Soho, friends are always asking me where to go for the best cup-of-coffee or tea (yes, these have herbal as well). Here are the ones I frequent most and heartily recommend:

Café Café: Located at Greene and Broome streets, this coffee spot gives off a warm, friendly vibe, from its drink offerings to the chalk boards that list them. It’s a great place to wake up with a Cappuccino (and maybe a chocolate cinnamon rugulach stick?) as you make your morning commute. Or, stay longer and enjoy their prime people-watching-position in the elevated seating area. Their chocolate walnut cookie is so amazing, we’ve been know to cut it in quarters and dole it out. 212. 226. 9295

City Girls Café: Coffee is all too often a quick-jolt-between-everything-else-on-my-plate kind of activity, but if you’re willing to relax with a girlfriend (or guy) and enjoy a true break, check out this spot near Broome at 63 Thompson. Complete with wispy wall art, a chandelier and small round café tables, they have the most intense Macchiato we’ve ever tasted (with organic beans from Rwanda), not-to-mention their amazing in-house baked goods. Try their to-die-for Spicy Mexican Chocolate Cookies — for those days of indulgence, indeed. 212-343-0110

Aroma Espresso Bar: Coffee aficionados will appreciate this spot at Greene and Houston with long tables where you’ll find the clientèle relaxing over a newspaper or with eyes glued to their digital whatever. With its international expansion, Soho is now home to Aroma– the “largest and most successful espresso bar chain in Israel.” Go to enjoy their brews made from sweet, aroma-heavy Arabic beans (thus, the name), and try out their Turkish coffee, too. 212.533.1094

Porto Rico Importing: With the winter chill outside, you may want to brew that cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home or office. Pick up a bag of beans at Porto Rico. Or, if you’re on the street and ready for warmth, drop-in and do a quick take-out … or stand in the narrow aisle and have your steaming java prepared just the way you like. Boasting unblended coffees from all across the globe (South America, Central America, India, the Caribbean, the Pacific and more), Porto Rico is sure to have any roast or blend you’re craving. Check them out at 107 Thompson. 212.966.5758

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