July 09, 2020   1:49pm

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For those shoes you love — Jim’s Shoe Repair


There are shoes you can’t live without. For those beauties, I make the trek cross-town to Jim’s Shoe Repair. First heard about it years ago from a fellow in the shoe department at Saks, and Jim’s has never let me down.  Judging from the crowd, many others feel the same way.  (Prepare yourself for a cast of characters on both sides of the counter.)  Suggestion: Pick an off-time to stop in… know that they stop work at 3:00 on Saturdays … and DON’T LOSE your claim check!  PS:  I put metatarsal supports in all my shoes (stops the ball-of-the-foot pain), and Louie not only always remembers me but also quotes the exact number of inches from the back of the shoe where the support needs to go.  Now, that’s amazing!

Jim’s Shoe Repair
50 East 59th Street (between Madison and Park), NY

Store hours:
M-F 8:00 to 6:00
Sat.  9:00 to 4:00
Sun. Closed

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