January 18, 2020   12:54pm

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Hummus everyone loves!

I’m feeling generous, so here’s a great entertainment secret. Hummus. NO, not the kind you buy cold and pre-made at the local food store. Homemade — just moments before you eat it! Warm with just the right amount of smoothness, a swish of topping (see below) and purely emotionally satisfying. Honestly, before this, I never even understood why anyone liked the stuff.

At The Hummus Place (it’s Kosher), you can grab a quick table but they also deliver and cater. They’re four around the town: West Village, Greenwich Village, East Village, and the Upper West Side. Try their Hummus topped with fava beans, chick peas or mushrooms (the latter being my favorite, but I don’t see it on their online menu so maybe it’s just on the Upper West Side?). All fabulous! Their health salad is also surprisingly fresh and tasty; some swear by their tahini and grape leaves, but those are truly not my thing. HINT: If you’re going to have delivered to serve for a small crowd, ask them to use the small bowls rather than those kind of ugly compartmentalized square containers. When you see you’ll order, you’ll understand why you’ll mess-up the aesthetics if you just scoop it into another dish. Also, you can get a big bowl for serving up to 20 (I find it serves more than that). Pita bread (warm, of course) comes with …

Check out:
West Village: 71 7th Ave South 212 924 2022
Greenwich Village 99 Macdougal 212 924 2022
East Village 109 Saint Mark’s Place 212 529 9198
Upper West Side 305 Amsterdam Ave. 212 799 3335

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