July 12, 2020   9:17am

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Lingerie: Appearances can be deceiving

Looking for just the right bra for that @#!*#@! dress? Stop running uptown … downtown … east and west.  Inevitably what you need is right here at the ultra-not-glamorous Town Shop — a staple on the Upper West Side since 1888.

Get past their “old lady” window displays and march right in through that old-fashioned door. Not only will the (dare I say “hip”) merchandise give you a jolt — panties, camisoles, nighties, swimsuits, slippers, socks (love theirs) — but nowhere in NY are there better bra “fitters.” They go at it until they find that truly comfortable (no lie), like-it-was-made-for-you treasure. And they alter, as well.

As every woman knows, appearances can be deceiving. So true, too, for the Town Shop.

Town Shop
2273 Broadway at 82nd Street
New York, NY
10 am – 7 pm on weekdays
9:30am – 6 pm on Saturday
11 am – 5 pm on Sunday

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