July 12, 2020   9:58am

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Pure Dark Chocolate Bark… Our Latest Obsession

puredark_ss.jpgWe crave chocolate around our office, so when it comes to knowing good chocolate, we’re not slackers.


However, it was at a friends’ home (Hi, Marilynn & Scott!) where Pure Dark was introduced into my life. It was the weirdly thin flat “bark” slabs (chocolate studded with dried fruit and nuts) that prompted me to swing by what turned out to be a dark-chocolate-only paradise. Once inside, I couldn’t make up my mind which option to choose (no freebies allowed). Only an office taste test would do!

The Result: from our four “barks,” here’s the ranking:

#1: Fusion (ginger, pecans) — The Winner! — subtle and sultry

#2: Subtle — a close second (not really a bark; more like a chunk) — caramelized nibs and coarse sugar — more traditional and long on flavor

#3: Island (mango, macadamia nut) — definitely has its champions

#4: Woodlands Bark (cranberry, blueberry, walnut) — just missed for most of us

Pure Dark oozes an elegant chocolate-y atmosphere in its aesthetics, displays and, yes, pricing — about $2.75 an ounce. However, it is somewhat about you, for example, you can up-the-cocoa-ante to their hot chocolate by adding “nibs” to your heart’s desire … and there’s a kind-of trail mix of fruits and nuts and chocolate where you choose the quantities. Last but not least, there’s a loyalty program — 5% off for bark; 15% off on the mix — and you get intermittent updates of sales and events.

Have a pure love for chocolate? Try Pure Dark … and it’s only available at one place in the world:

Pure Dark
350 Bleecker Street, West Village (between 10th Street and Charles Street)
Sunday: 11am-6pm
Monday – Thursday: 11am – 7pm
Friday – Saturday: 11am – 9pm

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