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Advice my mom gave me

Thinking about my mom who passed away a couple of years ago, it occurred to me that the advice she offered her girls (my sister and me) worked very well for her.  She lived a blessed and comfortable life with an abundance of friends and two husbands who adored her, each for 20+ years.  Much of what she said now seems to be from another era … and some of it still has validity today.  You decide which is which:

People are more important than things.

Never talk about politics, religion or money.

Always wear underwear. (You could get hit by a car, and you wouldn’t want anyone to see.)

Just let the husband make the decisions, and the marriage will be fine.

Honor your commitments.

If you have unmarried sex with a boy, it will devalue you.

Your reputation is the most valuable thing you have.

You can always tell about someone by their shoes and their handbag.

Always look clean and nice when your husband comes home.

Learn to drink like a lady.  And never drink before 5:00.

It’s just as easy to marry a rich one as a poor one.

Don’t get so crazy about the New York school thing; just let your child be happy.

Men do what they like to do; women do what needs to get done.

Marry a nice Jewish boy.

You catch more bees with honey.

Don’t let the dog sleep in your bed.

Is there any advice from your mom that you’d like to share?  Just list those adages in the comment box below, and we’ll post them.  And have a happy Mother’s Day!


PS:  A friend just wrote in to remind me that just because she said it, didn’t mean she (or I) did it.

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barbara levin meyer says: May 9th, 2009 at 1:04 pm

We must have had the same mother !!
You did forget:
you can’t shave your legs before you are 14 years old because the hair will grown back dark !!! Why didn’t we realize that we didn’t want to
ever quit shaving again ?? (Brainwashed !)

You can’t dance close to a boy because everyone in town will talk about you.
(This was the 50’s when slow, close dancing was the rage !!)

Yes, just a few of the things to think about with Mother’s Day around the corner.
Boy were we ever gullible !!

With love,
Your Sister

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