January 19, 2020   6:41pm

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Does the hair thing apply to men, too?

My son’s 23rd birthday is on Friday. As a marker, he’s going to have his hair cut – from dreadlocks styled in what I call his “dog turd do” into a shaven or very short clean head. Does this mean he’s actually serious now about getting … well, serious? Is a new hair style indicative of an emotional change in the life of a young man in the same way it frequently is for a woman?

Here’s what he posted on his website, www.beextraordinary.org:
“A year ago I had a flowing, chestnut-colored mane but lack of brushing and proper use of product has taken its toll. My current style has been called a hair doll, a rat’s nest and an ‘umbilical cord to college.’ My relationship to my hair has become dysfunctional but it makes me feel safe, and I haven’t had the will to cut it even though it’s an obstacle that grows out of the back of my head. It’s hard enough being taken seriously as a 22-year-old entrepreneur; there is no reason to complicate the situation by rolling around with a half pound brillo pad pony tail. Even if that’s just an excuse, it’s one that I will continue to make as long as I have my safety hair cut.”

Does this mean my son is finally ready to take on the world … in the way he actually could do?

Guess I’ll wait … have faith … prod (just a little) … and see.

Isn’t that what we moms do from the moment we even think about having a child anyway?


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francine russo says: May 18th, 2009 at 9:39 am

I was surprised at my stepson’s college graduation on Saturday to find that he had also cut his very long hair and even shaved off his beard. There was some talk among him and his siblings of having a sober approach to the looming world of work… or unemployment.
Let’s hope it means what you think, Harriet!

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