January 18, 2020   1:03pm

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Stylish Summer Hats (for both sexes)

kangol_ss.jpgWhile always attracted to hat stores, I think everyone else looks great when they have one on. So, when I first happened into Kangol (the only one you’ll find in New York City), it was great to try such a large variety of funky, hip hats  — from stylish berets with bamboo sweatbands to hemp and straw woven ball caps. My perfect fantasy, but also a great gift for just about anyone — male or female.

And, if you care about being Eco-Friendly (somehow that seems particularly right in summer), Kangol has a collection we were particularly taken with — natural fibers of Bamboo, Sweetcorn, Linen and Cotton. Check out those hats here.

Kangol may sound like a new brand, but it has an interesting history. Founded in 1938, it’s a Depression-era survivor. The hats started when a World War I vet and Polish refugee decided to bring the French beret to England. Establishing a factory in Cleator, England, Kangol soon grew into a “must-have post war fashion.” Kangol later provided berets for the British army during WWII and the English Olympic Team in 1948. They later had endorsements with Arnold Palmer, the Beatles, and also worked with the American Girl Scouts.

kangol_ss2.jpgIt was New York City that played the integral role in the development of today’s Kangol. Hip hop artists such as as LL Cool Jay, Run DMC and the Beastie Boys began to wear Kangol hats in the 80’s and pumped the brand into the mainstream.

We think the range and style of these hats are terrific. Try them on and see for yourself!

196 Columbus Ave
New York, NY 10023
(212) 724-1172

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