July 09, 2020   1:23pm

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Restaurant Wk: Eat well. Use AmEx. Get $15.

Here’s a little American Express perk you shouldn’t miss out on. It’s tied to NYC Restaurant Week which is that special time you can eat like a gourmand and throw credit card caution to the wind.  That’s because you get a 3-course prix-fixe lunch for $24.07 and a prix-fixe dinner for just $35.00 at the city’s best, most expensive restaurants … the lesser ones, too.  And, the (sometimes) uppity servers even treat you nicely (mostly) in spite of the “cheap” chow.

Back to the point —  From July 12-31, 2009, if you dine out three or more time at participating Restaurant Week restaurants and pay with your registered American Express Card, you can receive a $15.00 statement credit.

So, that’s cool, right?

Go here to learn about NYC Restaurant Week and register your American Express Card.

Go here to book your reservation with your AmEx card.

Go here for NYC Restaurant Week Menus.

Go here to find restaurants that let you make a reservation online through opentable.com

Eat up and enjoy!


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