June 06, 2020   12:47am

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Love this Skincare Product!

olay_ss.jpgAdmittedly (and shamefully), I’ve fallen into the trap of using those over-the-top expensive skincare products. But, then, strictly accidentally, I needed a throw-away washcloth once while traveling and found these – the wonderful Oil of Olay wet cleansing cloths. Who woulda thought? Now I use the “age-defying anti-wrinkle” wet cleaning cloth product every day and every night, and I definitely keep them in my purse whenever I travel (they meet those liquid airplane requirements) to keep my skin hydrated and clean, while adding a great refreshing feeling on those long hauls. No kidding! You just use them and toss them out. I’m so personally sold on these, I’ve even given them as gifts to friends. Use them all the time! It may be my imagination, but I swear my skin looks better since I started. They’re not expensive, and you can pick them up at just about any drugstore . Be sure to buy the WET ones – not the dry ones!

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