July 09, 2020   2:01pm

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Fresh summer feet

You’re walking around town. Your feet are swelling, sweating and blistering. It’s too uncool and too hot to wear hose which, at least, keep your toes from sticking to your shoes. What to do? Go back to the old tried and true – foot powder! We love Gold Bond Maximum Strength Medicated — yeah, ladies, don’t think of it as being just for those itchy-smelly-footed guys.By adding a dash in my shoes every morning, I just slip my feet in and walk comfortably — even leave the product in my office to sprinkle more in during the afternoon. Ahhhhhhhh.

What could be better than fresh feet on the cheap? (Okay, okay, okay.) Just look out for the blue plastic bottle at your drugstore and see all the Gold Bond foot products at www.goldbond.com.

PS: No, this is not a paid endorsement; just a helpful hint.

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