July 12, 2020   10:41am

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Sophisticated City Clothes that Travel, too …

babette_ss.jpgSnoety’s travel expert Susan Burdick was in town the other day wearing the most terrific jacket, which was, oddly enough, terrific for travel. You could scrunch it, fold it, twist it, sit on it, drop it, and it still looked great.  When I asked about keeping it clean, she said “just hand wash and hang to dry.”  Wow! How could I get some of that?

Wouldn’t you know, just two blocks away was one of the designer’s flagship stores Babette, so we just took a short stroll for what we characterized to Susan’s husband Bruce as a “short shop.”  (Strangely enough when wandering by that store the other day, the window display had caught my eye, and I’d made a quick mental note to try it.)

The store and the service were terrific (neither was obtrusive).  There were separates you could pair with Babette’s stuff or your own … dresses that could carry you just about anywhere day or night … wonderful tee’s … pants that could walk off a plane or out of a car looking fresh and ready to go …

And, guess what!  There really is a Babette who is obsessing over her clothing line.  When you see her collections (Fall2 is great) — you won’t be surprised that her background is graphic design and architecture.  She’s transformed that sensibility into a truly modernist fashion approach to work and life.  And the price tag doesn’t break-the-bank!

Babette flagship stores can be found in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Portland, and Scottsdale and her fashion line is in boutiques throughout the country.

Works for us!

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