November 14, 2019   6:35pm

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Calorie counters/action plans for your phone …

calorie_counter_ss.jpgWant to know what those McDonald’s french fries are really costing you — in calories, anyway?

There’s now a “Health & Diet Manager” ($19.95, that, according to their website, “does everything from tracking your health-related vitals (resting pulse, blood pressure, hours slept), calories consumed and calories expended, to helping you create an action plan for eating and exercising … It’s “been specially designed for use with Windows Mobile ‘Pocket PC’ (Blackberry) type of handhelds and phones (i.e. Windows Mobile powered devices whose screen is touch-sensitive).  This includes devices equipped with Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC Edition, Windows Mobile 6 Professional Edition, and above.

For AT&T Wireless users, Fast Food Calorie Counter (type “fast food calorie counter” into the search box at this link and ignore first two products shown*) focuses on what 29 major fast food chains are feeding you in fat, protein and fiber for some 3000 items ($6.99 or $2.99 a month) through AT&T Inc.’s MEdia NET store.

You can’t say, “I didn’t know” anymore. Make your choice!

*Leave it to AT&T to make things difficult!
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