July 12, 2020   10:12am

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Everyone seems to be shopping Zappos.com …

Two things seem to be shaping up as trends for this season’s shopping tradition: Saving money and spending discreetly — reasons online shopping is doing well.

We thought we’d heard of all the sites, but in the last few days three different people mentioned how much they love Zappos.com.  And The New York Times wrote about it, too.  Thus, we introduce Zappo’s to you, we mean,  if you don’t already know about it!

Zappo’s was recently acquired by Amazon and has been an online stop for great deals on designer shoes for some time, but you’ll also find everything from brand name accessories and fragrances to clothes and exercise gear. Check out the different brands they offer on their site here. It’s a long list! Not much for online shopping? Zappo’s has become so popular they’ll also be mailing a printed catalog to their customers— their third this year.

Christmas shopping has never been so easy (or inexpensive). Maybe even a recession can have a silver lining :-).

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