January 18, 2020   1:00pm

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FIKA saves the financial district (for coffee lovers)

FIKA saves the financial district (for coffee lovers) …

Wall Street-bound aficionados of coffee, chocolate and pastry, do not despair!  Your citadel is no longer an espresso wasteland – the spectacular Swedish FIKA Espresso Bar is there to save you with one of the most beautifully prepared cappuccinos I’ve savored for many a morn.  Had I not been on a got-to-lose-a-couple-pounds-after-the-holidays mindset, those freshly baked muffins that looked otherworldly would have gone straight down with the coffee.

How to find it in the financial district:

66 Pearl St. (next to Broad St.)
(646) 837 6587

Happily FIKA has as least two other locations:

407 Park Avenue South (between 28th & 29th)
(646) 649 5133

41 West 58th (between 5th and 6th)
(212) 832 0022

Check out their website at:

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