January 18, 2020   12:01pm

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New UWS favorite — Spanish food goes modern …

New UWS Favorite — spanish food goes modern …

From the minute you enter the place, Graffit’s (recently renamed Gastroarté) just “feels” right.  It captures Chef Jesús Núñez’s spanish spirit and artistic talent, but for dinner you want more than that — like extremely good, imaginative, modern, and original food, which is, indeed, why I keep going back to this place.  The Chef says it is “a crumble of Mediterranean and multicultural ingredients and molecular methods.”  Well, OK, I’ll go along with that …

You have lots of seating choices:  There’s tapas +dinner menu at the bar and at community and smaller tables adjacent to the bar … or get only the dinner menu  in the Dining Room or beautiful Garden Room.  All terrific, but, lately, I’ve been opting for the tapas+dinner …

Go with your mood.  And, see if you can resist using your iPhone to shoot the food presentation which isn’t like any other in the City.  I love the beets and goat cheese, the cubed potatoes, the Indian Summer dessert.  Order and be surprised.

Call for a reservation:  (646) 692-8762 or you can use opentable.com, too.

Graffit or Gastroarté (the canopy still has the Graffit name at this writing) at 141 West 69th Street between Broadway and Columbus

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