June 06, 2020   1:25am

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Colon Cleansing does more harm than good

We’ve always been skeptical of the colon cleanse — the procedure that became trendy as a way to lose weight. Not only is the process  unappealing — shooting water through the rectum with a tube to “cleanse” it of toxins — but it also seems preposterous that our own bodies couldn’t handle this job on its own. Well, according to the Journal of Family Practice (as reported on the Huffington Post), turns out our bodies can! And that colon cleansing can actually be harmful to your health…

“The review of 20 studies published over the last 10 years shows that there is little evidence that colon cleansing improves health or promotes weight loss, while there is much evidence that shows it is associated with bloating, vomiting, cramping, renal failure and even death,” according to the HuffPo article, “Colon Cleansing Does More Harm Than Good.”

The read goes on to detail how colon cleansing can even cause damage to colon tissues, as reported on CBS News.

We knew it!

So next time your girlfriend tries to dupe you into a colon cleanse, we don’t care if your high school reunion is just around the corner— don’t do it! Changing your diet to include more fruits and vegetables is way easier (and less disgusting) than a colon cleanse any day…



“Colon Cleansing Does More Harm Than Good,” Huffington Post, Amanda Chan, August 1, 2011.

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