November 26, 2020   10:09am

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Thin is out. Fat is in. Walking is optional.

The hottest shoes for fall are still way too high to walk (according to this girl), but, according to Saks Fifth Avenue’s new blog at least the new “statement heel” is chunky.

According to fashion arbiter Saks Fifth Avenue’s new  blog POV: “the sturdier more comfortable chunky heel is making a major comeback this Fall in all shapes and sizes.”

This is good news for City girls:  You’ll be less likely to have your heels catch so that you take a tumble, particularly as you make your way down those cobblestone streets in Soho and the Meat Packing district.  Actually, you may just be able to walk better wherever you are.

And, if you want to buy into the latest fashion, you can do more than read on Saks POV — which is a combination of what’s happening now with how to put that look together.  Get it “just right” by snapping up the pieces then and there online.

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