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Harriett Levin Balkind


( fashion & beauty )

Bizarre beauty tips that supposedly work

You’ve heard some of them before— mayo for your hair, olive oil for your skin— but here are other bizarre beauty tips that we’re told actually work (mayo and olive oil included!).

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( easy tech )

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias for your phone

A quick trip to Wikipedia may be a good enough reference from your mobile phone, but these handy apps give you more accurate, better-designed and non-data consuming alternatives — from encyclopedias to atlas’ to cooking …

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( travel & work )

Jobseekers: 7 Ways to Sabotage Yourself

It’s hard enough to find a job these days, so be wary of  seven ways you may be making it harder …

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( easy tech )

You can upgrade your iPhone, iPad, iTouch software for free!

The iPhone 4S release may have disappointed some, but Apple is giving current iPhone, iPad and iTouch users something to hold them over until the iPhone 5 release— that’s the new iOS5 software — for free.

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( home & surroundings )

Want to know more about the inner workings of the art world?

This is cool.  Sotheby’s is giving us an insider view of the art world with a series of documentaries you can watch online.

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( food, fitness & health )

9 (good) things that may be bad for you

So and so in the office said that was good for you.  So did your best friend … and your grandma.  Guess what.  They’re wrong!

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