May 18, 2021   1:41am

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Pushing past our comfort zone

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For snoety to have credibility, you’ve got to know who’s behind it. But I wasn’t comfortable having “Harriett” splashed across the home page. This resulted in an on-going conversation with myself about why I was content to be behind the scene rather than in front of it . . .

While pondering my own inadequacies, I had dinner with a friend who was obsessing over hers. She brought up “being number two” as she kicked herself for not putting her name in the hat for the number one spot at an important corporate division. In other words, she was having an issue with being out in front, too. After a meal-size deliberation, here’s where we came out:

a) By not being numero uno we had more time to devote to our kids and family who were ultimately most important to us, and that was the reason we didn’t make the push;

b) We’re risk averse;

c) We legitimately weren’t right or ready for the job;

d) Our upbringings made being too aggressive seem, well, unseemly;

e) The above were excuses for not wanting to embarrass ourselves (a.k.a. — lack of self-confidence, inability to take failure or rejection).

Whatever the dig-deep-down-inside reason, we agreed to get over it, recognize we’re not going to be around forever, and go for it next time. Which is why my picture, “on Harriett’s mind” and “about harriett” made it onto the home page.

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