May 16, 2021   7:06pm

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Cooking to come? Ouch! Try eggs for burns — really …

While this remedy for kitchen burns may be hard to believe, it comes via “Something I wish I’d learned sooner” from my friend Diane who is about the farthest from being flaky as anyone I know — plus she actually has a degree in biomedical engineering …


I have an amazing tip for kitchen burns — especially important now that it’s holiday cooking season! I’ve now burned my hand badly twice on the same recipe (call me silly) … it’s one of those where you start with the skillet on the stove top and, then, put it in the oven to finish. It’s just too tempting to touch that handle. (OUCH!!!) My inclination was to grab some ice. But my burn really hurt and seemed really bad, so, before running to an emergency room on a Saturday night, I went online to see what else could be done.

After much hunting around, I found a blog about burns and egg whites. Yes, egg whites! With nothing to lose and a dozen eggs in the fridge, I followed the instructions — I swear it was a miracle … so much so that when I stupidly got the exact same burn for the same reason 2 months later, I didn’t panic. I just went for the egg whites. Here’s what you do:

  • Separate 3-4 egg whites into a bowl
  • Stick a towel/cloth in the bowl as well and stick your burned area into the egg whites with the saturated cloth
  • Leave it there for an hour or more (you’ll find the burning stops while it’s in the whites but DON’T stop doing this)
  • Remember to keep your burn totally saturated
  • If things dry out a bit, add more egg whites

After about 60-90 minutes (you’ll know when, and the time is worth it), the burning sensation will be 100% gone and there is NO blistering at all! It’s truly a miracle for kitchen burns!

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