May 18, 2021   2:17am

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Dressing in a pinch

It’s the very last minute; you haven’t had time to think about it — what to wear when you’ve got that dressing-in-a-pinch panic? Our “Dressing” expert Domenica gives you answers …



That little black dress hidden in your closet will take you anywhere. All you have to do is add opaque stockings with brightly colored or metallic shoes for a dash of fashion.

A sparkly top stands out on its own. Separate those old black-tie outfits you’ve stored away and wear that top with jeans. Or top that black-tie bottom with a cashmere sweater.

Wear big dangling earrings with a black turtleneck and black trousers. Find those black high heels.

Add a colorful shawl.

Make a note to go shopping for the basics.

To avoid those dressing-in-a-pinch-panics, we’ll talk about the basics shortly!

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