May 18, 2021   1:10am

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Mario Talks: The Pixie Cut & The Bob

Two hair styles that are current and fresh …

Take the winter weight off of your shoulders with a “fresh bob,” the top trend this season. However, this sleek one-length cut is always in style. It’s worn without bangs so that the front adds a lot of drama, and it can be trimmed to a length that is attractive to almost any face shape.

The pixie cut is soft and edgy. Choppy and unabashedly messy, it’s short and layered with lots of different length pieces and a lack of blunt even pieces. The main feature is close-cropped layers that frame the face, short and close around the ears and back of the neck. Your face is emphasized, so you should feel good about your skin and your features if you’re going to try it.

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