May 18, 2021   2:04am

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Francine Talks: Online Dating: Hear that voice (his outer; your inner)!

Francine our “Family” experts says: Don’t rush to meet that guy in person and other worthwhile tips …

Wait! Don’t meet until you talk on the phone.
Save yourself a lot of time and frustration. Even if the emails sound good, hear his voice before you meet. Set up a phone conversation. You call him — from a number on which you can’t be called back. If two minutes in, you can’t stand him, make an excuse — “My hair’s on fire!”– and hang up. If after 20 minutes, you feel no connection and he wants to meet, Say: “You sound really nice, but I just don’t feel a connection and I’ve learned to trust my gut on this.” If he sounds halfway nice, take a chance and have coffee with him. Lots of men don’t give good phone, but they give good … well, you know.

Doing that first date.
Even if he sounds great, keep your expectations realistic. It could all dissolve with one glance. If the date is awful, or if its wonderful, you know what to do. However, with that great middle ground of ambivalence, well, I say, give him another chance. He may be nervous, and you may be sending out mixed vibes which make him even more nervous. On a second date, when he knows you want to go out with him, well, some men really flower!

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