June 19, 2021   8:19am

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How to Entertain with “Eco-chic”

Our friend Celia Chen who has the website Notes on a Party asked us to help spread the word on how to have an eco-chic party by passing along her top 10 tips …




TOP TEN TIPS for an Eco-Chic Event

1. Send Digital Invitations. Easy, inexpensive and paper-free.

2. Serve Organic and Locally Grown Food. Buy farm fresh, eat well.

3. Drink Organic Cocktails. Better ingredients make better cocktails.

4. Rent Glassware. Disposables look cheap and are wasteful.

5. Play Your iPod. A portable DJ without all the gear.

6. Use Organic Flowers and Eco-Friendly Decor. Sustainable is chic.

7. Choose a Convenient Venue. Stay local and travel less.

8. Print on Recycled Paper with Non-Toxic Ink. Be stationery smart.

9. Compost and Recycle Garbage. Clean up waste responsibly.

10. Buy Carbon Offsets. Reduce energy then pay for your party imprint.

Also this month her site is dedicated to her favorite green product, service and event vendors, so if you want to know who to call, you should check out www.notesonaparty.com.

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