May 16, 2021   7:17pm

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Jeff Talks: Don’t lose that thought!

If you’re totally busy and constantly writing yourself notes (or should be), then take the time to read about this new website which can change your life — for the better!

Snoety’s “Computer Skills” guy Jeff is always on the lookout for useful new websites, so when he told me to check out Jott, I was so inclined. As usual, Jeff’s right on target. (No, we’re not getting anything from them for this recommendation! And, yes, this post is truly worth the time to read!)

Do you ever write yourself notes?

Do you ever wish you could send an email or text message while driving or walking down the street?

Do you ever need to send a quick message while away from your computer to a group of co-workers, friends or your family members?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you might be interested in a new service called Jott.

I stumbled across Jott recently, and it’s just the kind of service I love: useful, easy and free. Jott allows you to “speak a message” into your phone and, then, that message is transcribed and delivered as text via email or text message (you choose) to the recipient of your choice.

Here’s how to Jott:

  • Sign up for the service at
  • Enter the contacts to whom you’d like to be able to send messages (also see “tips” below)
  • To send a message, call the toll free number (866-JOTT-123)
  • A perky voice prompt will ask: “Who do want to Jott?” Then, just speak the name of a person from your contact list (or “myself” to send a note to yourself.)
  • Finally, just say your message — speak in your normal voice and hang up when you’re done.
  • Within about 2 minutes your contact will receive an email or text message containing an accurate transcription of what you just said.

Jott Tips

The Jott site does a great job of explaining how Jott can be used, but here are a few tips for making the most of your Jotting:

  • When you setup a contact you have the option to enter an email address and a phone number. If you enter both, that person will get an email AND a text message of your Jott. So, if you don’t want people to get a text, leave off the phone number (and vice versa ).
  • If you want the choice of sending email OR text messages, set-up two contacts (e.g. Jeff Email and Jeff Text), entering only the email OR phone number as appropriate, and then speak the option you want to use when you call Jott. (Also, remember that the contact name is the name you’ll speak to send a message, so feel free to enter nicknames (“mom”) if you’d prefer.)
  • You do have the option to import your entire contact list from Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, etc. when you setup Jott, but I didn’t do this largely because of my first point above. I entered only those people I would actually Jott on a regular basis.
  • You can setup a Group of contacts, which allows you to send a single Jott that is delivered to multiple recipients. You setup the group at and then just speak the group name when you Jott.

How this works
Jott uses a combination of voice recognition technology and human beings to get such fast, accurate transcription. Yes, I said human beings. Someone, somewhere actually listens to these messages and reviews them for accuracy. This human touch allows for incredible accuracy with regard to names and jargon.

I’ve been very happy with this service and considering the technology and human resources involved, it amazes me that this can be free. (And no, I have no idea how they make money.) Jott is super easy and very handy for sending messages on the go.

Give it a try,


PS: Here’s an update for iPhone and Blackberry users:

For iPhone Users
If you have an iPhone, Jott now also comes in the form of a a free iPhone application that allows you to quickly send notes to yourself.

  • You’d still sign up for Jott as described in the post above.
  • Then, visit the iTunes App Store and search for “jott” and then tap “install” to get the app on your iPhone.
  • Using the app allows you to click “record”and, then, speak a message that will be added to your Jott o-do list.

More iPhone information here

For Blackberry Users
Jott also offers a Blackberry version, however, according to web site they might start charging for this version in the future. From the web site:

“It is currently in limited Free Beta, but will be a paid service following the Beta.”

Using Jott without installing the Blackberry application remains free.

More Blackberry information here

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