May 18, 2021   1:00am

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When you’re going for that new position, your attitude says a lot …

Many of you have mentioned that you’re ready to move on, move up or change careers. I asked Ginger Puglia, whose company is a search consultancy to pass on some transition tips. She provided her A to Z Guide to help …


The average hiring authority takes less than 19 seconds to look over your resume and give it a thumbs or thumbs down.

That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the following:

Always smile. On the phone, in person, in any format that presents your brand.
Be transparent. No secrets. Companies want to embrace you for what you are.
Correct errors. Reinvent & revitalize; what worked an hour ago is already dated.
Dig deep and know specifically what you want to accomplish, really understand who you are and what differentiates you.
Energy is infectious. Spread the wealth. It’s the elixir that can set you apart.
Fear nothing except being unprepared. F if you haven’t researched all there is on the company.
Go Green —
(we’re not talking ecologically here) always stay ahead; go where nobody takes the initiative.
Have patience but always be tenacious.
Intellectual honesty is paramount.
Join and network. Just give more than you ever hope to receive, and embrace the joy of giving.
Keep forging forward.
Look for the link-that personal connection, that bond that will lead you to your desired result.
Mean what you say. Don’t over-promise, under-sell or embellish.
Never make a decision too quickly. It’s your future; make sure it’s right.
Organize. Optimize. Orchestrate.
Perfect opportunity — know it when you see it.
Quit complaining.
Resume’s are consequential. Take charge and care in creating yours. It identifies your brand more dramatically than any other component early in the process. Rely on a personal logo that speaks to who you truly are.
Say “Ba”——–
and be concise. Do not say Ba Ba when “Ba” will do.
Thank You notes must be clever,
relevant to the conversation you had, and quick. This is another way to emboss your brand.
Understand the dynamics of the corporation you are targeting and
with whom you are speaking.
Vitality always wins.
orth, know yours and know your weaknesses.
eXamine your strong suits. Always go the extra mile. Most people won’t be there.
You are the only one who can brand U effectively. Your brand is reflected in your resume, the font, format and paper stock, your pen, your signature, your handshake. You have to be aware of your identity at every level.
-infusion of your attitude helps you move forward and return to A –always with a smile, always with vitality.

Good luck!


About Ginger Puglia
Ginger Finds focuses specifically on “trend intensive” companies for whom she:

1) Finds Compelling Executive Talent;
2) Develops Strategic Concepts;
3) Creates Innovative Product.

Ginger has a 25 year strategic resources and human resources consulting career working with fashion and trend setting organizations worldwide such as: Retailers (Wal-Mart, QVC), ad agencies (KaplanThaler), architectural design firms (Schlossberg Flynn), and lifestyle companies (Colin Cowie Lifestyle, Dubai Fashion) as well as helping launch the careers of several major designers and brands such as “Once upon a Pillow”.

To contact Ginger: email to or phone: 914-242-1196

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