May 18, 2021   1:12am

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Mario Talks: Glamour’s Back!

Don’t know if you’ve noticed that suddenly our magazine cover girls are … Marilyn Monroe … and …. Jacqueline Kennedy. Yep, according to our “Hair” expert Mario, “Glamour’s back!” …

 As hair stylist to many of those “in-the-know” around town, it’s Mario Diab’s business to be on top of the fashion trends. So, when I asked him what was happening now, he pointed me to a number of the latest magazine covers. He said: “It’s right there … THE style for hair, clothes and nails this season is all about going glamorous-sexy (think Marilyn) and glamorous-classic ( think Jackie).


jknymag.jpg   Here’s Mario’s advice:

If you’re wondering whether to go short or long, straight or curly, just think Hollywood 1960’s. Instead of “blow and go,” you’ll need to put in the time if you want those soft and beautiful waves. Even the old fat roller styles are coming back. How better to get that fabulous sweep of hair to cover the eye?

Clothes and Accessories
Dig out any 60’s stuff that may be lingering in your drawers and closet — that’s known as “vintage” for the younger sophisticated set — for the rest, delight in the fact that all those items you’ve been keeping are no longer passé and really do work.

Three words say it all: manicure, manicure, manicure.

Spend Time on Yourself

To be fashionable this season, you’ll need to make a real commitment to detail.  After all, you know very well that Marilyn and Jackie couldn’t possibly have always effortlessly just looked great?


Photo Credits:

Marilyn: Hollywood’s Golden Age/ cover: Vanity Fair

Jackie: Women’s History/ cover: Slate

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